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(and have a branded online calendar that your clients could book into today!)

Coaches Online Start Up Bundle is a shortcut to getting you started online, This Step 

By Step Road Map & Tool Kit is all you need to get started right away! 

No more worrying watching other coaches take their business online, while

you sit there scratching your head wondering how they’ve done it and where to even start!




    I See You have a big problem ... 

    Your overwhelmed and confused where to start

    You have potential clients out there on social media..

     But you just don't know what to do first! 

    There is so much information out there for new coaches - it very daunting!

    Going round in circles with shiny object syndrome 

    Worrying about what people will think of you

    Thinking you have to be perfect to get started


    Have you ever heard the saying….

    “You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.”

     Exactly........It’s Time To Commit Take Action and Take Your Business Online.

    Tell me if this is you:

  • There is so much tech stuff getting in the way of your dreams

  • You don’t even have an online presence, you feel invisible.

  • ​​Second guessing if you can even do this or not?

  • Terrified what your family and friends will think of you

  • You're feeling stuck at a crossroads, wishing there was a roadmap to follow?

  • A Newly Certified Coach or Service based Entrepreneur desperate to take your business online.

  • Are you struggling to get started in a world of confusion and overwhelm, wondering what to do first? 


    I’ve been down all the rabbit holes too !! 

    I spent years watching webinars, listening the latest guru, with what I should do next, and what would actually work..

    wasting hours upon hours trying to work it out, especially when things were changing all the time,

    built the fancy website and still nothing but crickets!  

    Built a YouTube Channel Filled it with videos then deleted it a year later! 

    Seriously so much frustration in the beginning ...

    It was like a mine field, always seemed to have information constipation!! 

    trying to disect all the online marketing strategies was a nightmare..

    Jumping around like a mad frog from one social media platform to another,

     hoping something would stick ! 

     So disorganised and had shiny object syndrome big time!


    I decided to stop learning from you tube videos and webinars and invested $$ into real mentors !!

    They all had the same formula, it didn’t matter which platform they were on, 

    they we’re following the same steps!

    It blew me away, when the penny dropped for me!

    I'd been overcomplicating it for so long! 

    If only there was a Road Map something to follow it would of saved hours of time and frustration...

    Building your audience confidence and presence online is an easy process when you keep it simple…

    A road map and tool kit is all you need,  like having a compass! 

    Keep you focused in the right direction, Never get lost in the maze of online again..

    (Basically a must have for any new coach wanting to book clients virtually from around the globe)

    All without a fancy website! You don't need that to get started...

    Fortunately for you Lovely! 

    Armed with my Coaches Online Start Up Bundle, I’ve made a decision to share these steps,

    so you never have to experience the mental fuzz I did !

    Now on a mission to help YOU get starting online with clarity, a step by step roadmap and tool kit 

    So YOU can confidently connect with clients and build your dream coaching business too !

     I never have to stress about building my business EVER AGAIN !! 

    Tell me if this is you:

    Claire showed me something amazing with the online world!

    I was completely hopeless with technology and from her training I now have my own blog and very successful FB page. I am also able to access the cold market by generating leads daily – so I never have to stress about building my business EVER AGAIN!!! 

    Thank you Claire for showing me this opportunity! ❤️

    Lea Smith- Author & Entrepreneur

    It's time to dive in and take action 

    Imagine, what life will be like when you, have clarity and direction,

    When you’ve taken action and you actually have your coaching business online?


    Coaches Online Start Up Bundle is just what you need if you're a newly certified

    coach or service based entrepreneurs wanting to take your business online..

    IMAGINE what it would be like when ...

  •  • You are crystal clear on what to do first and all the overwhelm has gone

  • • You have a plan / a road map of exactly what to work on first, a complete breakdown of the jigsaw pieces needed to start your online business

  • • You know exactly what to create so you never have to stare at the blank screen again. You'll save hours upon hours of frustration.. 

  • • Every time you work on a section of your business, You’ll see it coming together with ease.. 

  • • You Build the business of your dreams, and start to attract people who are interested in what you have to offer and can't wait to work with you

  • • You’ll get Excited and praised by your family as you now know you’re on the right track!

  • • You’ll never have to go down another rabbit hole again.

  • What’s Included in The Coaches Online Start Up Bundle?

    MODULE #1

    The Absolute 3 Things

    The Absolute 3 Things You Must

    Get Clear On First So You

    Can Attract Your Perfect Client. 

    If you don’t get clear on

    these 3 things first in your

    business, You may as well

    go back to bed now!


    The Trio foundation of strength for any new business

     - Matching worksheet

    MODULE #2

    Purpose Vision & Goals

    Every New Business Ventureneeds a purpose, Vision & Goals

    It's what keeps you on track when the going gets tough! 

    Anchor in your Why and your reason for starting this business..


    Get Clear on your vision, your 

    goals and your freedom metric,


    -Matching worksheet

    MODULE #3

    10 Step Express Road Map

    The 10 Step Express Road  Map For Online Success will literally take you from procrastination into Action right away!

    When you finally nail it this road map, you'll NEVER be overwhelmed again.


    The Exact 10 Steps You NeedTo Take To Have a SuccessfulOnline Business 

     Printable PDF 

    10 Step RoadMap To keepyou on track

    MODULE #4

    12 Month Productivity Schedule -ProvenTo Get You Results

    It's one thing to start an online business but to stay focusedand keep up productivity is a different ball game all together.

    This 12 Month Productivity Schedule is Proven To Get You Results

    Don't worry, it's easy to follow .Yet creates optimal results and growth at high speed in yourfirst 12 months in business..


    How to aim, create & achievegoals faster than ever before,And how to reward yourselfwhile doing so!Increase your productivityput it on steroids! 

    MODULE #5

    The Diamond Tool KitEvery Online Business Needs To Grow

    Save yourself hours of timeand confusion researching what tools, programs and services to use… (Way to manytoo choose from) I’m sharing with you myDiamond Tool Kit !

    It’s what online guru’s coaches and consultants use, whenthey want to leverage andscale their business.


    All the Tools and SoftwarePrograms needed to maximise your online business

    MODULE #6

    Your Branded Online Booking System

    Remove the pain and time of managing appointments,with this must have easy touse Online Booking Calendar completely FREE !

    Make it your own quickly changing colours fonts and contact details.

    Share the link and fill your diary with online clients! 


    How to share your booking link with potential clients to maximise time!

    How To Pre Enroll them with yourbooking questions

    Check Out These 3 INCREDIBLE Bonuses

    Bonus #1

    The Secret To Online Success Cheat Sheet

  • Back when I was overwhelmed, hustling and grinding to make a success online. The struggle was real, I knew something had to change..

  • It wasn’t until I added Law Of Attraction Life Coaching to my skills that things began to change….

  • Now don’t get me wrong, I don't believe anyone can sit & wish results on themselves, and your successful business lands in your lap like some kind of magic!

  •  But what I do know is when you take action in the physical world, and do the inner work with the metaphysical world, Then universe partners up with you like no other, and your growth and success explodes!! 

  • One of the things I did was to work on my daily affirmations! I couldn’t believe how fast things turned around in my business when I began this inner work

  •  I am going to give you MY Online Success Cheat Sheet & Daily Mantras , that you can use to attract your dream business and feel great in the process! 

  • Bonus #2

    12 Winning Client Magnet Ideas

  • Want to generate leads online but not sure what to offer ?

  • No worries, with my 12 Client Magnet Ideas you'll never run out of offers!

  • Start creating content, giveaways to collect potential future clients emails..

  • Most lead magnets fail because they’re not focused on a single problem – they’re just not specific enough.

  • You need to know your perfect client and give them something that will give them a quick win and position you as an authority and therefore build the know, like, trust factor.

  • Attracting your perfect client comes easy when you know what to offer them. However offers can come in many forms!

  • In this bonus I’m going to share with you my winning 12 client magnet ideas. So you will never run out of offers again !

  • Bonus #3

    Build Your Audience Check List !

  • Want to build an audience but don’t know where to start ?

  • No worries my simple step by step checklist will have you covered

  • Choose your platform know what content to cover

  • Share your content and grow your audience

  • Sharing some simple free strategies and paid strategies

  • Knowing where your audience and potential clients are hanging out on Facebook

  •  This Audience Building Check List will keep you on track to grow your audience, And build a loyal base of followers and clients! 

  • How does the Coaches Online Start Up Bundle actually help you take your coaching business online ?'

    It's so easy to get bogged down with information!

    So having a clear road map to follow, with a tool kit to match will keep you lazer focused

    Online Business Start Up Bundle

    is all about faster results. It's a SHORTCUT.

    You don't have to wade through hours of information on the internet, or stalk 

    every other female-preneur out there to see how they’re doing it.

    Everything is laid out in a practical, actionable, bite-sized steps, So you 

    know exactly what to focus on next with your road map

    You start out with at step one, and then move to the next ,Simple!

    Once you take action and implement this strategy, you will feel the clarity

    immediately, no more confusion, and you will see your online business dream come to life.... 

    Online Business Start Up Bundle

    One simple step by step system that practically guarantees FAST Action starting

    your coaching business online and brings you a whole load of clarity in the process!

    Mod 1: The Absolute 3 Things                                      (Value $197)

    Mod 2: Purpose Vision & Goals                                     (Value $197)

    Mod 3: 10 Step Express Road Map                                (Value $97)

    Mod 4: The 12 Month Productivity Schedule              (Value $197)  

    Mod 5 : The Diamond Tool Kit For Online Success    (Value $97)

    Mod 6: Personalised Online Booking Calendar          (Value $197)

    BONUS 1 : - Online Success Cheat Sheet                     (Value $97)

    BONUS 2 : - 12 Client Magnet Ideas                              (Value $47)

    BONUS 3 : - Build Your Audience Sheet Cheat             (Value $47)

    TOTAL VALUE = ($1173)

    Normally $197

    Today's Price = $37


    Every time I take on a private client ($5k plus) these are some of the foundations we cover first..

    The 10 Step Road map and all the tools needed for your success online are here at your finger tips.

    This is Mega Fantastic !

    Important – since this product is so underpriced currently, we will likely raise the price soon. So the only way to get in on this – which is the lowest it will ever be offered at… is to sign up now… before it's gone.

    This is a special offer and we’d hate to see you miss this opportunity.

    My 100% Money Back, No Risk Guarantee

    With the Coaches Online Start Up Bundle, You are going to finally make a move and take that business online you’ve always wanted!

    No more dreaming or procrastinating! 

    With Clarity and a proven road map. You will confidently move forward with your tool kit and personalised booking calendar ready for those clients who've been waiting to hear from you! 

    If you don't receive any of that, I don't deserve to keep your money. Just contact my team within 30 days of purchase, and we will refund 100% of your money back to you.

    You have nothing to lose with this tiny, one-time investment.

    Before working with Claire, I was unsure of where to begin my online marketing.

    Since working with her well designed program, I have gained a wealth of knowledge, tools and confidence to begin implementing my own online marketing.

    Claire not only knows the tricks -of- the-trade, she also has the valued ability and patience to impart her knowledge in a way that is understandable.

    I highly recommend Claire. And if she offers additional courses/classes…I will sign up!

    - Pat Cowan Master Life Coach

    Whilst incredibly skilled in her industry and a highly sort after casting director, Michelle wanted to learn the online world. So she could coach and train virtually...

    Within Weeks of working together, Michelle had inspring young actors booking and paying for her coaching consultations online.

    Michelle now loves and embraces any technial challenges, and is confidently moving ahead with her online business.

    - Michelle Quin - Casting Director 

    How long will you sit back and watch other coaches shine online ?

    How long will you stay trapped in Fear and procrastination and keep your clients from 

    finding you and your incredible services ?

    It's time to get visible.

    It's time to step up and shine ! ...... It's YOUR time! ...

    WHO IS BEHIND Coaches Online Start Up Bundle

    Hi Lovely! 

    I'm  Claire Carroll , I am an Online Business and Mindset coach, for New Coaches & Service based -Preneurs and the creator of Coaches Online Start Up Bundle

    Mum to one very happy little girl and a new puppy! Originally from Manchester Uk , now living in Sydney Australia.

    After struggling to grow my business online and connect with clients, I went back to the drawing board.

    I mastered the online marketing skills it took, and now successfully work from home and have beautiful clients from all around the world.

    Live by the beach and choose my own hours of work

    My clients have built their audiences, confidence and presence online. Created automated bookings of paying clients..

    My motto: You’re never too old to start again and certainly never too old to shine online!


  • Who is this course exactly for?

  • This course is for newly certified coaches and service based entrepreneurs who want to take their business online but don't know where to start.

     You’ve been procrastinating to take your business online for a while and social Media overwhelms you.

    Basically, if you want a road map and simple steps to get started online with a tool kit , then this is for you.

  • Can I access the content immediately?

  • Yes, as soon as you join, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to create

    your login and then you can get started ASAP.

  • To implement this , would I need to spend a lot of time ?

  • Not at all. Go through the course and start working through the worksheets .

    After that it's up to you how much of the road map you choose to follow. This course should take a few hours. 

  • What's Exactly is in this for me ?

  • You get six lessons and three bonuses consisting of videos and worksheets. You also get a Free booking calender to share with your new clients, customizable to your brand (training included)..

    Get the Coaches Online Start Up Bundle while it's available for crazy $37

    Don't miss out (normally $179). 

    Take this bundle and get your coaching business online with clarity before you get left behind!

    There's nothing to lose. You get 30-day 100% money back guarantee.


    Here's what you'll achieve after grabbing this bundle !

    Clarity around your Brand, Your Niche and your Ideal Client Avatar Have a purpose Vision and goals..

    Have a 10 Step Online Success Roadmap to keep you on track

    You will be an online creator and productivity guru! 

    You will have access to the Diamond tool kit every successful online coach has!  

    You'll have your own branded online booking calender ready to fill with clients 


    Mod 1: The Absolute 3 Things                                        (Value $197)

    Mod 2: Purpose Vision & Goals                                      (Value $197)

    Mod 3: 10 Step Express Road Map                                (Value $97)

    Mod 4: The 12 Month Productivity Schedule              (Value $197)

    Mod 5 : The Diamond Tool Kit For Online Success    (Value $97)

    Mod 6: Personalised Online Booking Calender          (Value $197)

    BONUS 1 : - Online Success Cheat Sheet                       (Value $97)

    BONUS 2 : - 12 Client Magnet Ideas                               (Value $47)

    BONUS 3 : - Build Your Audience Sheet Cheat             (Value $47)

    TOTAL VALUE = ($1173)

    Normally $179

    Today's Price = $37

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